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When you experience troubles of any kind, how do you respond? Do you look to God, trusting that He will rescue you? Or do you let doubt control your thoughts and anxiety overwhelm your heart?
No matter how dark your circumstances appear or how desperate you may feel—God has not abandoned you. In fact, the Lord longs to be gracious to you. In Jesus Wept: A Call to Action, author and ordained minister Barbara A. Thomas uses her own spiritual journey to illustrate how it is through these very challenges that you grow closer to God and deepen into the person you were created to be. Grounding her insights in biblical wisdom, Thomas draws from Jesus’s faithful example to clarify how you, too, can participate in God’s kingdom no matter what trials you face and experience the fruit that comes from obeying the Father.
Serving as a candid and inspiring testament to the grace and mercy of God, Jesus Wept reminds you to lift your eyes to the God of all hope, whose love never fails, and whose light the darkness can never blot out.

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