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The Melanin Factor 

Jared, a medical researcher, develops a serum that stops the progression of the HIV virus.  His discovery, which should have resulted in universal praise, instead places him in deadly peril.

The pharmaceutical company where Jared works leads its field.  Bret, son of the company's founder, will do whatever is necessary to preserve the company's wealth and power.  But the company profits more from keeping Jared's serum off the market. Colleagues die, intrigue thrives, and a series of odd incidents convince Jared that he needs help.  His friends--a newspaper reporter, a computer expert, and a private investigator, all close since their high school days--bring their experience to the table to help him.  Their discoveries confront Jared with surprising revelations about his family.  Secrets exposed, each person comes face-to-face with the truth.

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